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January 2018

Coping with Divorce
3 Self-Focused Resolutions for the Suddenly Single
If you find yourself suddenly single this year, consider these resolutions to set a good foundation moving forward – and to help you create the life and relationships you really want.

Inspirational Stories and Advice
Unhappy New Year? Tips to Help You Move on after Divorce
For divorcing people, the New Year may be a cause for anger or sadness instead of celebration. If you're in the throes of unhappy emotions now, read this article for some ideas on how to get through it.

Children and Divorce
5 Ways to Keep Children Out of Conflict During Your Divorce
Parents need to remember that kids can become stressed out themselves by exposure to conflict.

Financial Issues
Breaking Free from Guilt
Do not mix your feelings of regret and culpability with the integrity of the legal process.

The Divorce Process
Who Gets the Pets in a Divorce
Ways to Realistically Help You Decide Who Keeps the Pets

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